TigerTranslation Network

Yes, you read this right… we employ 361 interpreters and translators and China's largest expert network, serving law, finance and accounting firms all over the world.

What makes this so special? With 52 professors and 126 postgraduate fellows, we are ready to excel at challenging interpretation and translation assignments. Your words are interpreted and translated into either the equivalent words in your target language or, due to their profound knowledge and understanding of both languages, enriched using spill-over, idioms and loanwords.

We facilitate the financial and science community as well as government requests. Despite their high competence level, 76% of our interpreters, translators and experts are between 20 and 30 years of age. With curious minds and a fresh view on a changing society, they can provide answers to challenging questions.

Tigertranslation Benefits

We listen to our customers. The result? We tailor each search to your exact requirements and match your requests with our most suitable interpreters, translators and industry and government experts.

Most clients access our interpreters and translator on an hourly basis, while our expert network more frequently is setup as a subscription, in both cases providing the face-to-face coaching and tutoring model. The subscription models bring some advantages:
• Lower cost per unit (per meetings, hours or translated character)
• Guaranteed capacity and priority access
• Tailored to your needs

In both cases, we provide China's widest geographic coverage and cover almost all languages to and from Chinese. Many of our interpreters have lived in EU or US for at least one year, speak very good English and have to a certain degree adopted the western business culture. All our project managers have received project management training.