Founder and CEO

Hanxiao Zhang

B.A. in English, China University of Geosciences, Beijing  TEM8


Hanxiao Zhang is Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TIGERTRANSLATION Co., Ltd. Hanxiao provides leadership and direction to TIGER Translation, and oversees its strategy. Hanxiao has a background in translating, interpreting, teaching and hosting (speaking in public) as well as years of oversea experience of organizing cultural events and working and living abroad. This background sharpens her ability to identify and manage translation business issues. Working together with hedge fund and other experts has given her a unique insight into the financial sector that ultimately evolved into a unique terminology and phrase database.
She founded TIGER Translation Co., Ltd. with support from MILLERIA Limited (the business accelerator) to fulfill the special translation and interpretation needs of the corporate sector.


Fredrik Berchtold

B.Sc.,M.Sc.. and Licentiate in Business Administration and Economics (dual degrees) from Stockholm University, Department of Banking and Finance

B.Sc., M.Sc. in Statistics from Stockholm University, Department of Statistics


Fredrik Berchtold brings more than 20 years of experience from the financial sector to TIGER Translation, primarily working as a quantitative analyst and subsequently as head of research in a hedge fund.
As a key industry player, Fredrik Berchtold provided advice to TIGER Translation during the formation, and his quantitative understanding of the financial market is always available to us.
Fredrik Berchtold laid out the needs and requires of the financial sector and built the first version of our Key Investor Information Document (KIID) regulation compliant dictionary and phrase databases which makes our services efficient and accurate. Our server-based solution allows multiple translators to access our repository at the same time.
Through his position as Chairman, Fredrik firmly rooted an international business culture, starting with the service experience and blending western business culture (team responsibility, accountability and synchronization) and ethics with Chinese work efficiency.

Project Manager

Margo Zhang

B.A. in English,Qingdao College of Ocean University of China TEM8 IELTS7

M.A. in TESOL, University of York


Margo Zhang is a Project Manager of TIGER Translation. Prior to joining us, she was providing services to foreigners as a customer relations representative at Xinhua Insurance Company based in Qingdao, China.
As a project manager, she is our regional representative for the Beijing and Qingdao area, and has proven very talented and extremely efficient in building and growing relationships with corporate clients.
Margo Zhang provides leadership and management to field translators and interpreters, a role that makes her responsible for TIGER Translation's human resource strategy which involves analysis, requisition, job posting, resume search, background screening, candidate assessments and candidate management.
Margo has also brought her British etiquette to our business operation, and we all share her enthusiasm and positiveness.

Project Manager

Ni Wei

B.Sc. in Information Management, Guangxi University of Technology


Ni has six years of experience from working as Office Administrator at Beijing Channel Translation Company, starting out translating, legalizing and notarizing documents upon clients' requests developing into a management role that encompassed recruiting and training internal and external translators and interpreters as well as coordinating client projects.

In her new role, she applies her hands-on management and coordination experience gained over the past years in her role. Her information management background, enable us to implement workflow system, project management system that automates the tracking of projects, files and deadlines of individual and collaborative activities. She has also helped us implement Computer Aided Translation Technology (CAT) system which help translators store and reuse previous translations.

Our CAT system helps financial firms and investment managers adapt to the new Key Investor Information Document (KIID) regulations, for example with content repeating across all UCITS documents.