Expert Network

Can you imagine how great mainland China can feel? We provide access to China through our expert network subscription. The access makes more than 360 experts available, holding Ph.D., M.Sc. or M.B.A. degrees in law, finance, accounting and science, half of which also are active interpreters and translators. With the competence up to full professors, they are ready to facilitate most legal, finance and banking, accounting, industry and government requests.

Most clients access our expert network service as a subscription, using the face-to-face coaching and tutoring model. Other clients pay an hourly rate.

Some clients use our expert network to seek out law, finance, accounting and science professionals and experts and receive a list of vetted candidates within five days from their request. Instead of recruiting from a database, you submit confidential research requests and experience a tailored recruitment service.

The network search ensures that your selection is done among the most relevant experts, providing more accurate matches between you and high achieving individuals of interest.

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