You will love this: TigerTranslation established a competative relations with  banks, insurance companies, government tax agencies, fortune 500 companies and has successfully  facilitate international business and manage in-house expenses. Our prefessioanlism and fast turnaround has made us favored by clients in the industry.

The accounting field covers:

•Cash Flow Statements
•Income Statements
•Balance Sheets
•Profit and Loss Statements
•Auditors’ Reports
•Tax Documents
•Books of Accounts
•Annual Reports

Legal service process:

 Step  Description
 Project Management  A service-oriented project manager contacts you and performs 
 coordination and formal project management
 Evaluation and Analysis   The scope of each work is analyzed and scheduled together
 with you, so that your requirements are well defined.  
 Production Process  The project manager reports by providing proofread translations
 on a regular basis to keep deadlines. 
 Quality Control  Based on required quality objectives, that vary by projects, the
 project manager controls the quality during the entire cycle. 

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