Audio-Visual Translation

You’re going to love this… When translating Audio-Visual legal, financial and accounting material, our specialist translators listen to and translate sound recordings of conference calls, analyst conferences, executive and analyst interviews. Examples of other business recordings are customer call center interactions, marketing, promotion and training events and various video clips such as from legal testimonials, etc.

Working with Audio-Visual material requires making the translation as close to the original as possible while preserving scenic elements and moods. It sometimes means arranging illustrations, paragraphs, titles, footnotes and notes, color and stylistic setting exactly as in the provided original.

We have all tools needed to encode and convert audio and video (MP3, MP4, AIFF, AVI, MOV, WAV, MMV etc.) files into a suitable format. Further, we can reduce noise and remove sound artifacts. Sound editing can significantly improve the quality and the efficiency of the translation.

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